Management Solutions is a
Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
with more than 40 years combined experience in the field. 


We are a Colorado-based company serving other Colorado-based companies.
To us, you are not a number – you are a partner.

In most cases, we deal owner-to-owner or chief-executive-to-chief-executive. We recognize the challenges that face business owners today – and we want our role as a trusted advisor to help you turn challenges into opportunities. Translation: greater productivity and higher profits.

We are dedicated to building lasting partnerships with our client partners based on mutual trust, clear communications, and the highest standard of integrity. Our collective commitment to you is simple: impeccable service. 

We provide comprehensive human resources management services, including payroll solutions, employee benefits administration, and complete HR management, that assure regulatory compliance, reduce cost, limit liability, free up resources, and offer you peace of mind, knowing that your critical HR responsibilities are managed by experienced professionals.